BEFORE YOUR SESSION: avoid sunburn, don't do anything drastically different with your hair, exfoliate your lips and wear lip balm, apply lotion to your hands & cuticles, if you are having your eyebrows done, make sure it's several days in advance, 



bright - jewel toned colors (think ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, cobalt, quartz, citrine, amethyst...)

complimentary layers (cardigans, sweaters, and button ups)

functional clothing: if you want to
get the most out of your poses, you
need to be able to sit, squat, stand,
etc. comfortably in your outfits

classic and thin chained jewelry
paired with simple earrings

a variety of outfits that show off
your true personality: at least one
classic outfit + jeans, shorts,
dresses, skirts, etc...mix it up!

NUDE under garments

tailored clothing that accentuates
your best assets (see Body Types)



wrinkled & dull clothes

busy patterns: camo, plaid, etc.

short length skirts, dresses, or shorts that
expose too much when sitting, squatting,
or bending over

trendy and chunky jewelry that can
draw attention away from your gorgeous face

the same outfits of the same style
over and over again: wearing four dresses
over the course of your portraits
may not show variety

cleavage-baring tops & blouses

tight fitting clothing that can 
accentuate problem areas

Solid White or Black 


Bright & Bold Jessi Overstreet Fort Payne Senior-14Jessi Overstreet Fort Payne Senior-14
Jessi paired a dark floral top with royal blue jeans for a great pop of color. The blue also brought out the color in her eyes!


Paxton Crow Fort Payne Senior-60Paxton Crow Fort Payne Senior-60
This bright blue made Paxton really stand out in her portraits!














Muted & Mild

Avery Holt Plainview Senior-27Avery Holt Plainview Senior-27avery holt plainview high school rainsville al

 Avery's plum colored pants added just a touch of color to her outfit. Her peplum top gave her some definition in her waist.


Boaz alabama senior portraitsAllison Benson Boaz Senior-85 Allison chose this dusty rose sweater paired with a loose, floral skirt for a soft, feminine look. 










Wardrobe By Body Type



your slender upper body tends to be the same width as your slender lower body

you may often consider yourself "boxy"


enhance your figure by creating curves with hemlines and colors

Dos & Don'ts

don't be afraid to experiment with 
colors - if you want to accentuate
your upper body, wear a brightly
colored top with darker bottoms,
and vice versa if you want to
accentuate your lower half

shapely tops (scoop neck, v-neck,
sweetheart, halter necklines) can
create curves on your upper body

peplum tops or dresses will add
curves by bringing attention to your

refined patterns in classically bold
colors help give depth and a richness
to your frame

high-waisted belts will give you the
illusion of a smaller waist, which
will also add curves


your upper body (shoulders, chest, and stomach) is more slender in comparison than your wider lower body

to balance out your lower body by creating optical illusions on your upper body with appropriate clothing

Dos & Don'ts

keep your tops lighter in color than
your bottoms - it will bring
attention to your thin upper frames

wear blazers and jackets that stop
at the hipline

brightly colored cardigans and tops will
always draw attention away from your hips
and up towards your face

your pants should be boot or flare
cut - it will help balance out your hips

stay away from pencil skirts - they
will only acentuate your lower body

a-line cut skirts will help balance
out your hips as well


your upper body and lower body are similar in width, while a small waist breaks through your middle

to accentuate your curves without looking suggestive


Dos & Don'ts

wear fitted/tailored looks that aren't
too tight or attention drawing

waistline belts can help accentuate
your stomach and show off your

skinny jeans and bootcut jeans look
best on you

nude high heels can lengthen your

try not to wear your skirts/dresses
too short as it can look less classy on
your body type

fitted jackets and blazers can help hide
a larger chest without drawing attention

watch how low your top plunges - 
keep it senior appropriate


your upper body (shoulders, chest, and stomach) measure wider than your smaller lower body

minimize your upper body and accentuate your lower body to create a balance for your body type

Dos & Don'ts

high waisted bottoms are great for this look because they help bring attention to your shapely hips

keep your neckline soft: go for cowl necks, deep v-necks, or even scoop necks

stay away from spaghetti straps as they can draw attention to a larger upper body

do use a high waisted belt to accentuate your waistline

go for simple and darker toned tops, wile experimenting with brightly colored or refined print bottoms

wear wider legged pants to balance out a wider upper body


your middle body holds most of your weight (chest, upper arms, stomach, hips, and bottom)

lengthen your torso and create the illusion of a waistline

Dos & Don'ts

wear a great tummy shaper to minimize any bulge at the waist and an uplifting bra to create separation between your waistline and bra line

a darker toned longer cardigan can help elongate your torso and cut your middle horizontally in half

wear a structured blazer or jacket that will help draw angular lines, giving your upper body structure

3/4 sleeves are best for your tops to draw attention away from your upper arms

heavier fabrivs are best to help hide any trouble areas - any lycra or spandex in your clothing will mean that it may cling to your body

bootcut bottoms will help you lean out your body

Wardrobe By Skin Tone

Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin tones are usually pale and have blue, pink, or magenta undertones

People with cool skin tones (called "winters") usually have light blonde hair, red hair, and light eyes. Some have extreme contrasts, like dark brown hair with blue eyes and pale skin.

Quick tip: if you have blue eyes, wear blue...and the same goes for green eyes and a green outfit

Complimentary Colors: blues, greens, purples


Warm Skin Tones

Warm skin tones are usually deep and have yellow, olive, or tan undertones

People with warm skin tones (called "summers) usually have brunette hair, red hair (with brown eyes), and black hair. Most warm toned people have dark or hazel eyes.

Quick Tip: jewel tones look good on warm skin tones, but deeper in color (eggplant instead of purple, deep teal instead of electric blue)

Complimentary Colors: khaki, gray, olive green, orange, coral

Wardrobe By Style

Casually Carefree

One of the best things to remember when deciding what to wear for you session is to BE YOURSELF! If you feel most comfortable in denim cutoffs and a slouchy knit top, let one of your outfits show that part of you! Don't be afraid of this style - it can look effortlessly gorgeous.

Keeping It Polished

A casual classic will always be denim. Whether it's cut-off shorts, boot cut jeans, or denim skinnies, you can always transform this look into whatever you want it to be.


Try These Colors

denim&green with blue






Urban Street

Whether it's combat boots, leather jackets, or bold angular patterns, urban street style is always a great modern look for your senior portraits. If you're looking for a hard edge, stick with dark, muted tones and tailored outfits that are as straight laced as your boots. If you want to soften it up a bit, add a few brighter tones and flowy fabrics to keep it chic but still street. Feel free to mix and match new threads with thrift shop finds, and remember to throw it back a bit to the 80s and 90s.


Keeping It Polished


A bright pair of leggings will liven up an outfit with lots of darker colors.


Remember the shoes:

To really kick up your outfit and keep it real, throw on a pair of high tops for more of a hip hop look, and play with military lace ups for that army look.



The only way to go for this look is to keep it structured and dark. Black leather or army green jackets will keep your look muted and edgy. Deep it matte with metal accents for authenticity.


Try These Colors


army green&matte black

desert brown&matte black

silver&charcoal gray

deep navy&slate gray
camo green&chocolate brown


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Pretty Prep

This look is for those who love tailored structure with whimsy accents. Collars meet jewels while blazers are paired with pops of color all while staying inside the lines. Soft patterns share pastel colors and light, airy fabrics are paired with streamlined silhouettes. If you're a happy-go-lucky girl who likes to look polished and playful, this is the style for you


Keeping It Polished


If you love Chambray collars, pair them with a pretty sweater and heavy jewels to play up your neckline and keep it feminine


For a bold look, play up your patterns in a bold way and go with large prints. For a softer look, keep your prints small and light.


If you go for floral or pretty prints, remember to anchor them with a heavy solid.


Balance the seasonal approach by pairing chunky sweaters with light skirts or fall skinnies to keep the look girly and fresh.


Try These Colors





light blue&apple green

nautical blue&white

rose gold&peach


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Lovely In Lace

Whether it's a lace top, lace shorts, or a lace dress, you can never go wrong with this fun and flirty classic! Keep it modern by wearing it in bold and bright colors or bring it way down by pairing lace with cowboy boots for a down home style. It's feminine and always soft when you want to keep your senior portrait style all American with that "girl next door" look.


Keeping It Polished


To keep lace looking high end, be sure to purchase only those pieces that are scalloped or open hemmed. That makes the pieces look unique and intricate.


Remember that lace is usually see-through, so pair your piece with NUDE undergarments. Refrain from using anything other than nude undergarments because it can come off as less than classy.


If you are foregoing pretty pearls for a more modern look, stick with thin chained necklaces when wearing lace as to not compete with the pattern of the lace.


Try These Colors






coral&dark denim







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Boho Beautiful

Whether you're a wanderlust at heart or a wild spirit, this boho look is for you! This style is the love child of the gypsies and the 1970s and is such a great way to bring emotional freedom into your senior portraits!


Most boho looks are light and airy with sheer fabrics and lace, while others are full of bold tribal patterns and hints of Middle Eastern flair. You can mix and match these to options or keep them separate for two completely different looks.


Keeping It Polished


If you decide on sheer fabrics, remember to bring NUDE undergarments to maintain your modesty!


Stackable bangles are HUGE accessories for this look and can add to the authenticity of the style.


Headbands (for across the forehead) also bring a certain genuine look to match this gypsy throwback style.


The more rings. the better!


The more layers you have on, the better! Add on a sheer kimono, fur vest belted with a skinny belt, boot socks, and everything else you can think of. 


Try These Colors





Middle Eastern tones

Indian tones



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Country Chic


Lovely ruffles and lace paired with sheer and flowy fabrics are the main factors in this wonderfully classic style. As the sun sets and the warm light fills the air, your hair will be effortlessly lit with a halo and your sheer dress will leave behind an amazing silhouette. If you want to mix the flow and trade it in for a strapping pair of bootsocks, keep the balance with a pretty top edge in ruffles or light lacey pattern.


Keeping It Polished


This style is for the ultimate casual feminine look! Keep it classic by sticking with super soft or neutral tones - nudes, creams, and blushes.


Layering adds so much to this look and can take your outfit from simple to polished in seconds! Layer your ruffled dress witha seer kimono to add light depth.


Notice how sheer your country chic outfit is when purchasing it! The more sheer, the better when it's sunlit! DON'T FORGET NUDE UNDERGARMENTS!


If you want to add a pop of color to your neutral wardrobe, throw on a bright scarf, statement necklace (turquoise fits this style perfectly) or chambray button down top - keep it country but sophisticated!


Try These Colors






coral&light denim



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Gorgeous Glam

This is the time to memorialize your senior year - and what better way to do that than to showcase your formal dress from Homecoming or Prom? Glam it up with your favorite dress that flatters you to the core! Of course, you'll have pictures from Prom or Homecoming taken with a cell phone, but it's a whole other story to have professionally styled and captured images of you all glammed up at a location to match! Show off your formal style for ultimate senor portrait variety!


Keeping It Polished


The length of your dress speaks loudly! A short dress means you're the life of the party and ready to go! While a long dress exudes elegance and Hollywood glamour!


 Always remember to bring the appropriate undergarments for your dress.


If you want to showcase this look for your senor portraits, always bring a back up just in case. It's always smart to have a Plan B for your portrait session day!


Keep in mind that the more sequins and embellishments your dress has, the less accessories you will need. Vice versa for a simple dress.


Try These Colors








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Also check out my general "Looks I Love" board for miscellaneous outfits, makeup, and hairstyles.